Wild about Gardens 2014

Volunteers helped plant over 3,000 bulbs in Bunhill Fields on 31st October. Friends of City Gardens were invited to give nature a helping hand as part of the RHS Wild about Gardens Week

Stag beetle loggeries

Stag beetles have a very long life cycle. Females lay their eggs in decaying wood and the larvae may remain in the woodpile feeding off rotting wood for up to seven years before emerging as an adult. See the People's Trust for Endangered Species Fact Sheet

Several trees came down in Bunhill Fields in the winter gales and the logs were used to create some extra habitat for these endangered insects.

Spring bulbs

Bulbs provide vital early nectar for emerging bees.

We have planted bulbs and corms in the shady habitat of Bunhill Fields including cyclamens, erythronium, cyclamen flowered daffodils, snowdrops and trillium grandiflorum.