Wild City map gives the location of nearly 200 specimens collected between 2010 and 2018. There are over 120 different species.

Specimens have been gathered from gardens, green spaces, bombsites and from the wayside. There are many gaps on the map - these areas are not necessarily devoid of wild plants, but are where collecting has been difficult, for example on private land. The City is also a very ‘clean’ environment; streets may be sprayed with herbicide to remove self sown ‘weeds’ and green spaces are cultivated to eliminate invaders. But mainly because we don’t have sufficient resources to collect everywhere.

Icons by SJJB Map Icons (http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/) by SJJB Management

Grey markers relate to specimens from gardens or spaces that no longer exist

Green markers are specimens from gardens or spaces that are still extant

Purple markers are recent or unverified specimens