Barber-Surgeons Wildflower Meadow

In 2021 we created a wild flower meadow in the Barber-Surgeons garden. This is part of a publicly accessible green space that was previously mown amenity grass with little biodiversity value. Volunteers planted over 30 different species in a mixture of plugs and 9 cm pot grown plants at a density of 6 per m2 – over 1,000 plants in total. A further 10 species of wildflowers and meadow grass seeds were sown.

Download full list of plants and seeds used.

The meadow is cut and raked in late summer to encourage the wildflowers to regenerate naturally.

Pollinators visiting the meadow are monitored and include wild bees, hover flies and butterflies. Corporate volunteers have been trained to carry out Flower Insect Timed Tests and data has been added to the PoMs database and GiGL database.