Christchurch Greyfriars

Spring and autumn TLC – clearing and replanting by volunteers from Friends of City Gardens and City of London Guides.

Don’t be fooled – 10 minutes after this was taken the heavens opened!

This garden was redesigned in 2011 with a delectable mixture of herbaceous and nectar-rich plants. The palette is blue, purple and white, with shots of deep crimson, silver and lime all contained within low, clipped box hedging. Climbers and roses are massed around the wooden pergolas, which also hide bird boxes for sparrows, robins, tits and finches. Nearly 70 different plant species and varieties go to make up this stunning garden. In summer the garden goes wild with an amazing growth of the insect and wildlife friendly flowers. Bergenias, geraniums, agapanthus, astrantias, stachys, nepata and irises and much more all competing for space.

In autumn volunteers help ready the garden for winter – cutting back, lifting, thinning and replanting the herbaceous plants. Surplus thinned plants are found a home in other City gardens. Foliage is left to provide cover over the winter for birds and insects and in the spring thinning and replanting is completed so the garden will look fantastic again in summer.