Wild City Exhibition

Wild City exhibition at Town House Gallery, Spitalfields, open between 18 May – 20 June 2018 explored the wild world of plants we share, how it has adapted to our changing human lives and how resilient it is.

Based on a seven year survey of the plants that thrive at the margins of our world, the exhibition charted the changes to the flora of the City. First surveyed in the 1960s when bombsites were still widespread, plants that thrived in the rubble still survive today in ever smaller pockets. Artist and member, Liz Davis, worked with the Natural History Museum to catalogue these survivors. Each plant she gathered was pressed and preserved with its roots, flowers and seeds. The date and location of every specimen was mapped and is now an accessible record for future researchers at the Museum. The specimens, exquisite in their fragile detail, were displayed with Liz’s uniquely delicate artistry.

The exhibition was run to coincide with The Chelsea Fringe, Open Garden Squares and Spitalfields Open Gardens. It was a fabulous success and much praise was received. The Gallery owner has asked us back to put on another exhibition. Watch this space…